Premium Plans

  • Q. Is there a way I can see all of my future and past bookings?

    You can view all your future and past bookings from your Admin Portal by clicking on the “Bookings” tab on the left column. You will also be able to filter them by booking type as well as export the data to a .csv file.

  • Q. How do I update my billing information?

    You can update your billing information from your Admin Portal by clicking on the “Billings” tab on the left column.

  • Q. What is the Coworker Free (Legacy) Plan?

    A Legacy Plan is the FREE PLAN you selected when you added your space onto which includes receiving messages, tour bookings, free day pass / buy day pass, availability requests and uploading unlimited photographs.  

    This plan is automatically applied to any space that was added before Nov 2018 and the introduction of the new Coworker Pro Plan.

  • Q. Why should I upgrade to the Coworker Pro Plan?

    Coworker Pro was developed after speaking to many different spaces around the world and truly understanding what they needed the most to support their marketing efforts and building a community.

    Coworker Pro allows space managers to get real-time Google Analytics data on searches for your city and your space on It also allows you to view all your upcoming and past booking requests in your admin dashboard so you can keep track and manage enquiries seamlessly.

    This has been extremely useful in helping space increase their conversions and bottom line revenue as well as lowering CPA if you do paid advertising.

  • Q. What happens with my space if I already paid for Coworker Connect/ Featured/ All Inclusive?

    All the features associated with your Premium Plan when you upgraded will still remain as it is.

    Nothing changes. And you will be billed as usual based on the plan you choose, be it monthly or annually.

    If at any time you choose to go Pro, you can do so by clicking on the UPGRADE button on your profile header or next to your plan on your profile summary.

  • Q. What is the new Coworker Pro Plan?

    The Coworker Pro Plan was launched in Nov 2019 and is designed to cater to the strategic and marketing need of coworking spaces looking to use data and analytics to increase visibility and attract potential new members.

    When in doubt, go Pro.

    With Google Analytics data and lead reporting, it has never been easier to look at your city search statistics and data on 1 unified platform. Make informed decisions on your marketing efforts and make sure your profile is fully optimized.

    You are also able to link directly to your website and social media feeds from your profile so potential new members can connect with you directly.

  • Q. Can I expect to get more new paying members by upgrading my plan?

    Yes! Both our Featured and Connect plans have been designed to help give you what most coworking spaces need -- more membership enquiries from potential new members.

  • Q. How is pricing determined and is it subject to change?

    Great question! Pricing is different for every city. We use a specific algorithm to calculate pricing for each city taking into account the number of coworking spaces, average membership costs and search volumes. Although pricing is subject to change, once you subscribe your monthly or annual rate will be locked in for 365 days. Industry demand is on the uprise so now is your time to lock it in!

  • Q. How will you bill me?

    We offer both monthly and annual billing. Depending on which option you choose, your plan will be renewed at the end of each monthly billing cycle or annually from the date you subscribed.


    PRO TIP: Choose to pay annually and you'll save 20% compared to paying monthly. 20% means more money to go towards community activities for all of the new members we send your way.

  • Q. Can I change or cancel my plan later on?

    Absolutely! You can downgrade or cancel anytime from your page settings. Note that once you cancel, you will lose your benefits at the end of your billing cycle.

  • Q. What is your refund policy?

    Coworker does not offer refunds, except for in special cases which are discussed and agreed upon. If you have a question about refunds, please email us at

  • Q. Where can I get support?

    We are always here to help. If you ever have any questions or require support please email or