• Q. What content is available for website and app developers via the Coworker API?

    As the world's largest database of coworking spaces and member reviews we offer 3 different APIs:

    1) Nearby Spaces API

    We have our Nearby Spaces API call, which returns a listing of all spaces within a specified radius (KM) of a given set of lat/long geo-coordinates. See below for request details. The listing can be delivered in json, xml, html, or csv formats.

    2) Space Reviews API

    We have our Space Reviews API call, which returns a listing of all user reviews on a given Coworking space, which is targeted by a set of lat/long geo-coordinates and Space Name. It is designed to allow you to pull in reviews on spaces that YOU have on your site and should be called when your space page loads to get the latest reviews. The Space name you provide will be searched for within a 1KM radius of the geo-coordinates you provide using natural language search, meaning the exact words and order of words doesn't have to match with our space names exactly.

    See below for request details. The listing can be delivered in json, xml, html, or csv formats.

    3) Commercial: ALL Spaces API

    Our All Spaces API call returns a listing of all spaces listed after a given threshold (last Space Id queried). This allows you to pull in only the spaces that have been added since your last All Spaces request and avoid the overhead of re-processing data that has already been catalogued on your end. See below for request details.

    The listing can be delivered in json, xml, html, or csv formats. The data is updated in real-time whenever the call is made with the latest listings returned.


    For more information, you can visit our API page here.

  • Q. What Coworker widgets are available for my website?

    If you want to use Coworker widgets, we offer a reviews widget that allows you to showcase your member reviews on Coworker directly on your coworking space website. This widget is fully customizable so you can easily adjust the size and colors in order have them match with the aesthetic of your website and brand.

  • Q. How do I add my website and phone number to my space page?

    Once you have your profile set ( no matter if you added yourself or you just gained admin rights over it), login into your account, edit space,"Contacts" tab . There you will find all the fields to contact details. Note that if you want for these info to be shown on your Coworker profile, you will need to upgrade your profile to Coworker Connect. You can do this straight from your account, after you login.

  • Q. How do I attract new members to my space?

    Although we cannot guarantee that Coworker is going to increase the number of your customers, there are a couple of tips we offer in order to increase your chances to receive leads:

    • Ask members to add a review on your profile on Coworker. This will not only help with SEO, but it will also make your space more attractive and add it in front of the crowd
    • Make sure you have great pictures of your coworking space
    • Make sure you have all the info updated (description of space, pricing, amenities, desks, etc)

    Alternatively, you can choose any of the Premium Plans we offer: Coworker Connect/ Coworker Featured or All-Inclusive. Learn more about them here 

  • Q. How can I get more traffic to my coworking space. Do you have any suggestions?

    There are few ways we can help you to get more exposure to your space

    1. Make sure the information about your coworking space is up to date. This includes location, contact details, pictures, amenities, etc
    2. Ask your community to add a review to your profile on Coworker
    3. Ask us to feature your space on our Instagram account
    4. You can take over our Instagram Story for the day
    5. You can write an article that is relevant to the coworking community and publish it on Coworker Lab